Benefits of Skinny Wallet Websites

How is this better than one of those DIY website builders?

Similar to a DIY website builder, the business owner will still be responsible for putting the content of the website together and actually putting it onto the page, but the difference is that there is a team of designers and developers at your disposal when you need them. Real, trained, custom designers and programmers.

How much can I save with a Skinny Wallet Website?

Savings can vary based on the number of pages you have in your website. Obviously the more pages one has, the more they could save when choosing a Skinny Wallet Website. If you are comfortable with copying and pasting this could be a great way to save on the build cost so you can put more towards your marketing budget for the website!

What is involved on my part with a Skinny Wallet Website?

Once you have provided us with your logo and color scheme, we will build a website shell for you and provide you with the training necessary to migrate your content to the new website. The administration area of the website is very user friendly and we provide awesome training. Most Skinny Wallet Websites can be completed in less than a week.

Can I still use Balta Design for other services outside of Skinny Wallet Website?

Absolutely! Our Skinny Wallet Websites are complete professional websites that still allow for Search Engine Optimization and for future expansion. This means that once the website is built and you want to add more pages to the website in the future it can easily be done with the training that we provide. Our sister company can provide you with eMarketing advice and consultation whenever you are ready.

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