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The key to all successful SEO campaigns and strategies is patience. Organic SEO is a long term visibility and digital marketing solution that involves months and months of work. The results from an organic SEO campaign for a St. Charles based company can have lasting effects that last for years from the efforts. Search engines constantly are seeking out new information on all websites so the more content and pages you create, the better off you can rank, with a little help from experts.

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SEO Services for St. Charles Companies by a St. Charles Company

SEO St. CharlesBalta Design, a subsidiary of, offers full-service SEO retainers on a month-to-month basis. All of our SEO services are sold in quarters. The reason being that a single month or “one-time” SEO can have very little impact on your rankings overall.

You may be able to rank better for a unique brand name but not much else. Balta Design is a boutique website design company that offers affordable websites for small to mid-sized businesses and has the luxury of having unfettered access to the best SEO teams in the area,, to oversee all our SEO customers’ campaigns.

The 3 Step SEO Process

SEO Process Step 1

Every SEO campaign starts and ends with the same item, Goals. SEO goals have to be established early on to really steer the direction of the SEO campaign from the word “go”. Being a business in St. Charles, we can tell you from personal experience that while we are a short distance from Chicago, the competition from Chicago absolutely has the reach to influence rankings in St. Charles. Balta Design’s SEO program helps companies at all levels compete in the online arena.

The first step of the SEO process with Balta Design starts with an interview, either in person or over-the-phone. We can establish in the SEO kick-off call what your immediate and long term goals are and what metrics will help us track and improve as time goes on. We will also discuss the phrases that you most want to rank for since search engines are based on keyword searches.

SEO Process Step 2

The second step of the SEO process with Balta Design consists of taking your site “as-is” and making sure it’s as compliant as possible with search engine standards and make everything as visible as possible. This second step in the SEO process should be revisited periodically with new standards from search engines being implemented every year. For every new factor that search engines like Google deem good or bad, it can make or break a company that has excess of any particular factor like content or images.

SEO Process Step 3

SEO Company St. CharlesThe last step is the ongoing SEO that should be maintained as long as the website is online. There is always more SEO you can do even if it seems like you have done everything. We can always expand parameters to include a greater service area, target both suburbs and large metro areas, rural, and urban alike to get the best SEO coverage possible. The main factor SEO customers in St. Charles always run into is stopping because you are ranked high. That is when your competition is going to be ramping up their efforts and you need to defend your “title” so to speak. The work doesn’t stop once you reach the top in SEO, on the contrary, it’s more often than not, when the real work begins.

Shopping for SEO Companies Is Important

No two SEO companies are the same, everyone recommends different things but there are several universally known truths that everyone accepts. There are key elements that must be addressed in order to have an SEO campaign perform well. Here are a few key SEO items that have particular parameters that any decent SEO company should be able to explain and know the current SEO standard for each:

  • URL Formatting
  • Time To First Byte (TTFB) Speed
  • Meta Titles (Format and Length)
  • Meta Descriptions (Format and Length)
  • Geographic Targeting Tags
  • Image Alt Attributes
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Language Declaration
  • Meta Rating Tag
  • Copyright Information
  • Page Expirations
  • Country of Origin
  • Distribution
  • Google Search Console Verification
  • Robots Text File
  • Recommended Text Content Minimum, per page
  • Recommended Text Content Length, ideal, per page

Getting Started With A Real SEO Company

Balta Design knows website design, SEO, hosting, digital marketing, and Pay-Per-Click better than almost anyone in the Chicago area. We’ve had more clients leave and come back than some firms have ever had to begin with. Our SEO programs work and they will help your business in St. Charles have farther reach and better visibility than ever before. Give us a call for a risk free SEO evaluation and start improving your St. Charles company’s SEO today.

For more information on SEO for your St. Charles area company, call Balta Design now at 630.492.0147. You can also reach Balta Design by filling out a short form by clicking the Request A Quote button along the right. Feel free to include as much detail as possible so we can collect the information you are looking for and we will follow up with you at a time that’s good for you.



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