PPC Bartlett

PPC Bartlett

PPC BartlettThere are many ways to increase the visibility of your company’s website and drive traffic to it, but few are as effective as Pay Per Click or PPC. Pay Per Click is one of the few ways to gain instant traffic to your website and when paired with an organic SEO strategy, it helps your website gain visibility and stay visible.

Here at Balta Design, our PPC experts know the ins and outs of Google AdWords and how to turn your sponsored results into conversions. We have over 10 years of experience in PPC and we understand the impact an effective PPC campaign can have on your marketing strategy.

If you have any questions about our PPC services in Bartlett or would like more information on our digital marketing services, call us today at 630-492-0147. You can also click on the Request a Quote tab on the right side of this page and we will get back to you shortly.

Effective PPC Bartlett

At Balta Design, we have one of the most efficient and successful PPC strategies in the nation. In fact, we rank number 2 for conversion rates on PPC ads and have an average conversion rate of 4% on desktop and a 5% conversion rate on mobile. Having a 1 to 2% conversion rate is considered successful.

One of the many great things about Pay Per Click is that you are in control. You get to choose the budget and which keywords you want to target and you only have to pay when your ad is clicked. The keywords for a PPC campaign have a bidding price and you can decide if you want to pay that cost per click, but in doing so you will have prime real estate within search engines.

Balta Design PPC Bartlett

For more information on our PPC services in Bartlett or if you have any questions about our other digital marketing strategies, feel free to call us today at 630-492-0147. Or you can simply click on the Request a Quote tab on the right and we will respond shortly.



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