Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

Since Google has officially announced its shift to two separate search results, one for mobile devices and one for desktop computers, mobile website design has never been more important. The priority for Google has become mobile so your mobile web design needs to be up-to-date and optimized well for it to perform well on the world’s largest stage, the internet.

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Balta Design offers mobile website design for all of our WordPress platform sites as a standard. We use what is known in the industry as “responsive mobile website design” or “responsive website design” whereas the entire website has one set of pages that adapt to the device based on common mobile device sizes. Mobile web design in the past would be two sets of pages, doubling the changes required for any updates or new pages. Responsive solves that problem outright.

Affordable Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

Since our website design services in WordPress include a mobile responsive version of the site, the cost is $0 to have both. You get a mobile website design along with your desktop website design, all-in-one. The market of mobile users vs desktop users has shifted to almost 60% of all web users being on a mobile device so the importance of a mobile website design has shifted as well.

Along with the mobile website design being included in a standard WordPress website design, WordPress is built to be updated easily. We can redesign your entire site, rebrand, revamp everything at a fraction of the cost the next time you update. So, investing in a mobile website design in WordPress now will save you thousands over all the other redesigns that may come in the future.

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