Mobile Website Design St. Charles

Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design St. Charles

In today’s online world, having a website that lacks mobile or responsive abilities can be a make or break for your business. Mobile website design has become increasingly more crucial given the fact that most individuals own a smartphone or tablet. The talented team of web designers at Balta Design have you covered.

They can build a custom, fully functional and eye popping website that will surely gain and retain the attention of future site visitors and current site users. If your current business website is lacking responsive or mobile features, be sure to get in touch with us today at 630.492.0147 so we can get you on track to gaining more traffic and higher revenue of your products and services.

Why Mobile Website Design?

Having a mobile or responsive website is crucial in today’s digital world and it allows your company’s website to adjust to numerous devices without losing the quality of your desktop site. Over the last two years mobile searches have increased by 500 percent! That is a lot of potential traffic your business could be missing out on if you haven’t invested in mobile website design. Another eye popping number is the amount of purchases made through tablets on a weekly basis. 72 percent of tablet owners make purchases on a weekly basis.

This is a lot of potential business you may be losing out on if your website is not mobile. Google also favors mobile websites in their search rankings, so by having mobile website, you’re also helping your business increase its online presence and visibility. Another mind blowing statistic: 99 percent of smartphone owners use their browser at least once a day. So if you haven’t considered mobile website design, now is the time to do so.

Mobile Website Design at a Great Price

At Balta Design, our website design services are done through WordPress, which will include a mobile version of your website and that comes at no extra cost. It’s an all in one and over the years, the shift from desktop to mobile has been exceedingly noticeable. So mobile website design is more important than it ever has been.

If your company website is not mobile, now is the time to get it up to speed and become a force in your niche. For more information on our mobile website design services call us at 630.492.0147 or click the Contact link here to get started on making your online presence known.


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