Google AdWords in St. Charles

Google AdWords

Google AdWords and PPC advertising are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your St. Charles business website immediately. A Google AdWords campaign in St. Charles will put your website above the organic search results, giving your business optimal visibility and is also a great way to start an ongoing SEO campaign.

PPC advertising is great in the sense that you can set your own budget and Google AdWords will only charge you for your campaign, if that ad is clicked on, hence PPC or Pay Per Click. So if your website is in need of more traffic or your company just built a new website, contact Balta Design today at 630.492.0147 or click our Contact link here.

How Google AdWords Works

Google provides a variety of tools to help you better optimize your website and help your business succeed through digital marketing. In Google’s Keyword Planner, you enter the search terms relevant to your business and products and you are given the search volume of those keywords, how much competition you have with those keywords and the bidding price for those keywords.

In a sense, the keywords available for your campaign are obtained auction style. Google AdWords gives you full control of your campaign and the ability to see the results easily. Google AdWords also allows you to set a budget, so once that is reached, you’re PPC campaign will halt until you’re ready to add to or renew your budget.

Benefit from Google AdWords with Balta Design

Balta Design has a team of professionals that will use every tool needed to get your website ranked highly on Google, which in turn will bring in more traffic and ultimately increase sales of your products or services. Google AdWords is a great place to start marketing your business website, while creating new and useful content along with an ongoing, organic SEO strategy will help give your St. Charles business the edge over your competitors online locally and in the Chicago area.

So if you’re ready to increase traffic to your website and start optimizing starting with Google AdWords, give us a call at 630.492.0147 or click the “Request A Quote” tab located on the left side of our pages.

Google AdWords



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