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Real Digital Marketing for St. Charles Companies

Digital Marketing is the combination of efforts to improve the visibility, conversion, and retention of customers in the online or digital marketplace. Balta Design offers professional digital marketing services and monitoring for St. Charles companies, organizations, retailers, and brands. Our proven digital marketing services have taken small to mid-sized companies and given them a competitive edge over their competition that is as strong as it can be. The key to successful digital marketing is timing and continued growth. Adding content, pages, and even products to a website can draw continued attention from clients, search engines, social media, even news outlets.

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Two Staged Digital Marketing Explained

The results of a well-designed digital marketing plan can be measured in two areas, short term or the right now and the long term. The Short Term is immediate visibility and brand recognition using Google Adwords, Google My Business registration, or any industry specific social networks or business directories to get your name out there. The Google Adwords can also generate traffic instantly for any products or services we are working on in the long term. However, Google Adwords offers instant digital marketing results because it’s as simple as hitting start and stop on your ads displaying. The expertise required to be successful at Google Adwords is what phrases to go after and where to point the ads once a user clicks on it. The experience and knowledge of how to make Ads effective is the value in Balta Design’s short term digital marketing services.

The long term digital marketing is the second stage which combines organic search engine optimization, Google Adwords optimization and refinement, and continued content or product expansion. The long term will be for audience growth and increasing the size of your target market from local to national, even to international. Long term digital marketing is the best bang-for-your-buck as far as cost effectiveness goes too. The results that are generated organically from SEO or content can last months, even years at high rankings without contest. The key to keeping the high results is to continue growing and improving the existing pages of your website and continue to reach out to find new customers.

Digital Market Services Defined

Every digital marketing services holds merit and has it’s place at the table but some stand above the rest and those are the ones we concentrate on for St. Charles businesses competition with Chicago markets and national markets alike. Here are a few of the digital marketing services and strategies we recommend most:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Google Analytics Strategies
  • Conversion Method Strategy

Content Marketing

The improvement and expansion of lack-luster content can help individual pages perform better on search engines and convert more leads. The digital marketing services Balta Design offers for Content Marketing can strategize what needs attention, what needs to be expanded, and what needs to be removed. Sometimes adding isn’t always the answer.

Search Engine Optimization

The core of all digital marketing is the SEO and having an experienced team help you set goals and create new, innovative pages can help improve your business like never before.

Social Media Marketing

In the digital marketing age we live in, social media is one of the fastest ways to get your message to your customers and in front of potential clients without spending your entire budget.

Email Marketing

In digital marketing, email marketing offers a way to keep current or interested clientele interested and aware of your company through periodic emails with updates, discount offers, information, and more.

Paid Ad Campaigns

For instant visibility and possibly traffic, paid ad digital marketing is second to none. The trick is finding the right phrases and the right destinations to send your ads to. One free tip: don’t send ads to your home page only. Send them to an appropriate, relevant destination page.

Google Analytics Strategies

The best part of having a digital marketing company is not having to find the data to make decision. Balta Design can help you find the data you want or need, filter it for unrequired spam and other clouding factors to give you a real look at what goes on within your website and how to improve it.

Conversion Method Strategy

Once you have a user reach your website, now is when the digital marketing strategy will really pay off. You have to give easy, obvious methods for people to contact you and offer various options for different preferences. Phone, form, email, or just a newsletter sign up.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing

Balta Design offers the leading edge in digital marketing and website design services at affordable prices for small to mid-sized businesses. To get started now, give us a call at 630.492.0147 or fill out the easy to use from by clicking the Request A Quote button.

All of our digital marketing services for St. Charles businesses and organizations are monthly services sold in quarterly packages. It shows commitment to the goals and you really wont get any value out of a single month.



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